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November meeting

StartOrganic presented their innovative new business. Their mission is to “get as many people to grow as much real food at their own home as possible.” As such, they offer a number of services to help the homeowner create and maintain an organic (of course!)backyard garden. Beyond that they are working to create communities around local, fresh, produce, including holding events much like the Local Garden Shares sponsored by Transition Palo Alto.

We also learned about more new SEC rules discussed at the Slow Money Northern California regional meeting, this time around Title III of the JOBS Act for crowdfunding.

Learning to Make Investments that Match Our Values

In the past two years, Slow Money – LION South Bay has:

  • Gone through the birthing process, establishing itself as a community of folks wanting to support the principles of Slow Money, Transition, and a sustainable economy based on values of social equity and a healthy environment.
  • Developed agreements that govern our behavior vis-à-vis opportunities for investment and sharing information among friends.
  • Catalyzed “slow loan” agreements between some of our members and Fiesta Farm in Santa Cruz County, which allowed Fiesta to acquire Freewheelin Farm.
  • Met and learned about many sustainable, local businesses, their operations, their plans and their needs, including SunWork, a non-profit solar energy installation and training organization, Dig Deep Farms & Produce, a visionary urban agriculture program that combines an organic farm and community food sales in partnership with the Alameda County Sherriff’s Department, and others.

In addition to learning about these activities, South Bay – LION Slow Money is tapping into the research of Slow Money Northern California to learn about the details of local, sustainable, impact investing, and to meet more sustainable, local businesses in our region.

The momentum is building! We have entrepreneurs queuing up for spots on our schedule in the next few months whose values align with the principles of Slow Money and who are interested in talking with and exploring opportunities with us.

If you’ve been involved with Slow Money in the past, now is the time to renew your involvement. . . and, if we don’t yet know you, and you’d like to meet us, now is a perfect time for introductions all around!

Please come to our next meeting. If you’re interested but can’t make it, contact Mary Ann Furda at (650) 851-9126 or Debbie Mytels at (650) 856-7580.

–Mary Ann